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You’ve seen Francisco Hernandez on television and heard about the exceptional reputation for fighting for immigrant rights at the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez. Now, get to know the people behind this strong team of Fort Worth Immigration attorneys ready to advocate for your American Dream!

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Francisco Hernandez, Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist


Daniel Hernandez, Practice Areas: Immigration and Criminal Law

Our Philosophy

While the cases we handle are complex, our philosophy of practice is simple: We believe that every client we represent deserves our focused dedication, one-on-one attention, and quick, responsive action. We’re a small law firm by choice. By avoiding major overhead costs and thick levels of bureaucracy, we’re able to offer clients truly individualized services. Quick and easy access directly to your attorney is one of the benefits. But we offer all the resources and expertise of any of our larger counterparts. Our extensive experience in Mexico/U.S. concerns and the defense of individuals makes us well-suited for a diverse range of cases.

Our Strength

The hallmark of our practice is our knowledge of and experience with U.S./Mexico cultural and business practices. We possess an in-depth understanding of Mexico/U.S. relations and have had direct involvement with Mexican political matters including the election of President Vicente Fox. But as schooled as we are in foreign relations, we are just as adept at handling more intimate cases such as the defense of individuals and civil matters. And we have a thorough background in domestic political and legislative issues.

Our Approach

While our array of expertise is vast, our approach is extremely personal. Without deep tiers of administration, we are able to offer our clients accessibility and unhindered action. The end result? You have phone time, face-to-face time and easy access to your attorney when you need it. And all of our clients gain the benefit of our dedication to integrity and fairness. We believe in the sanctity of the legal process and we appreciate the importance of every case and every client we represent. We are never just “going through the motions.” We are personally invested in every client’s case and cause.

Our Results

While outcomes in legal matters can never be guaranteed, we do have a proven track record of favorable results for our clients.