Policies and Procedures for Admission of Refugees Eligibility for refugee benefits

National policies for the admission of refugees were de
veloped after World “War II, and culminated in the adoption
of the comprehensive Refugee Act of 19801 Under the terms
of that statute separate allocations for the admission of
refugees are made by the President each year, after consul
tation with Congress.

The benefits of the statute may be extended to refugees in
all parts of the world, other than to
those who become firmly resettled in a third country or who
have participated in persecution.

Qualified refugees will be accepted only if they are admissible
to the United States, but the statute specifically waives
exclusion grounds relating to labor certifications, public
charge, documents, literacy, and foreign medical graduates,
and authorizes the Attorney General to waive any other
ground for exclusion on their behalf, except those relating
to national security, Nazis, and trafficking in narcotics.

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