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Being accused of committing a crime and seeking the privilege of immigrating to America are the most personal and emotional areas of the law. When facing these situations, experienced, personal and sympathetic legal advice is essential. Although criminal cases and immigration laws may be complex, our philosophy is simple: Every client deserves dedicated, focused representation and one-on-one attention.
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We specialize in Immigration Law, especially immigration halted by criminal action.
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Selective Service System Registration Information

Information on who must register, how to register and where to register: https://www.sss.gov/regist%20information.htm

By Francisco / April 30, 2014

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Lon Burnam v. Romero Response Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Filed in the Court of Appeals for the Second District of Fort WorthLon Burnam v. Romero Response Petition...

By Francisco / April 25, 2014

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Theft Convictions Impact Immigration

Four Serious Consequences of a Dallas Theft Crime Theft crimes can range in severity. From minor shoplifting...

By Francisco / February 19, 2014

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Francisco Hernandez on Fox News

By Francisco / June 22, 2014

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One Viewer's Response to Francisco Hernandez on the O'Reilly Factor

Francisco Hernandez Jr. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Finally someone had the balls to stand up to the 6-foot 6-inch...

By Francisco / June 4, 2014

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A Caller Responds to Francisco Hernandez on Hannity

By Francisco / May 12, 2014

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